If you have a sense for water and it´s beauty, the pictures of Michal Pelka will leave you with an intense feeling… if you dont have a sense for water, the pictures of Michal Pelka will leave you with an intense Feeling… 😉


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Kashiwa Sato https://kashiwasato.com/project/11667

Kashiwa Sato provided the total interior design direction for the global headquarters of the world-renowned pharmaceutical company, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Kashiwa expressed the essence of Takeda’s DNA to the world through the elaborate interior spaces. He developed the overall concept of “life force” based on what has been Takeda’s mission since its inception, namely “to strive towards better health for people worldwide through leading innovation in medicine, with the patients at the center of all that we (Takada) do.” The flow of movement from …

This piece looks specifically at interpreting patterns of Electrodermal Activity and Heart Rate Variability to recognize signs of stress, and anxiety, to in turn pneumatically actuate silicon pockets facing the interior of the wrist. These air pockets seek to mimic slow inhales and exhales both auditorily, and haptically, to soothe and bring embodied awareness of one’s cognitive state.