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still bored – snow skate surf graphics…


this book tells about the histroy of graphics in skate/snow/surf-scene; why? because graphic is (after skills) very important for this sports; its not just the cool look, its to show that there is a difference between normal citizens and skater; so its also not just about elbowroom, the baggy-style is a sign;

you couldn´t skate in parks, halls etc. in the early years of skatboarding, they where always outsider and aliens in the city; also snowboarders in the very beginning; we weren´t allowed to take the same lifts, the same slopes and there was always the skier-snowboarder “fight”;

the time when these sports where subcultures is over – these sports became marketing-strategies;

interested? read that.



he made manga popular in us (and europe) in the late 80´s by “Akira”; but “Akira” wasn´t his first one, there was a lot of stuff he did when he was younger; Katsuhiro Otomo started doing films at the age of 19 in tokio; the first breakthrough was “Domu” (can be translated as the suicide paradies) in 1980´s, it was his first comercial and artistic hit;

one of the newer film´s he did was “Metropolis”, also known as “Robotic Angel”;

Katsuhiro Otomo at IMDB

Katsuhiro Otomo at WIKIPEDIA

the manga tells a story about gen and his family; it is an example what comics/mangas can also do, not just draw robotic apocalytic future, tell storys about volleyball kids or witches and dragons;

this is a critic examination with a very sad theme in humans history;